EU project

Development and implementation of customer self-service solutions for Šiaurės Vartai Hotel

We do not ever stand still. We are constantly thinking about how to give our guests even more comfort. We always take into account the new needs dictated by life in today’s world. For this purpose, Natalija Franckaitienė’s company. Since September, 2021, Šiaurės Vartai has been implementing a project, the purpose of which is to provide a fully comprehensive self-service solution for guests at Šiaurės Vartai Hotel. This project includes independent room reservation and convenient billing, as well as the adaptation of the hotel website to incorporate the new customer self-service solution.

After the implementation of the project, self-service solution software will be integrated with the company’s website. The details of the project are: the installation and configuration of a self-service solution and software maintenance for 36 months ensuring its seamless integrated operation.

By using the time and resources optimally, our company will implement this project to help achieve the goals and results envisaged and set in the project to the maximum.

The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund as part of the European Union's response to the Covid pandemic

Name of the project: Development and implementation of a hotel customer self-service solution
Project manager: N. Franckaitienė’s company Šiaurės Vartai
Start of the project: 13 September 2021
End of the project: 25 February 2023