About us

The begining

The Šiaurės Vartai Hotel is a compact, cosy, beautiful 3-star hotel located in the centre of Joniškis. Perfect for business guests, it is perfect to relax here and is a very convenient place to stay whilst travelling on the historic Hansa route!

The Šiaurės Vartai Hotel first opened its doors in 1999. Since then, the managers of the Hotel have been cultivating experience and a culture of service, creating a distinctive character, and today they have completed their learning, matured with experience, and are well versed in the needs of their guests. Most importantly, this is a hotel based on a private family business, nurtured with love, and surrounded by constant care.

What you see now is marked by an important change in the hotel’s history. Since 2007, the guests of the Šiaurės Vartai Hotel have been welcomed in a renovated building, in creatively furnished rooms at the very centre of Joniškis.


Today, the Šiaurės Vartai Hotel has 18 rooms, each of which are completely unique. The different colours of the interior and the design details create different moods in the rooms. Each guest will always find the right environment for themselves according to their individual needs, preferences and taste. In each of these rooms, guests are provided with access to cable TV, electric kettle and internet.

The hotel administration – for your first and foremost needs and amenities at the hotel – is open from 08:00 until 22:00. Here, at reception, guests can take advantage of photocopying and printing services, internet, and fax.

People greatly value their pets as members of their family and are considered much loved companions in their travels. We noticed that a lot of people like to travel with pets and by offering our services as a convenient travel stop for you, we want our hotel to feel welcoming to your pet as well!

We are not only a person friendly venue but also a pet friendly hotel too!

We will do everything possible to make your trip a completely enjoyable visit. The daily work of the hotel owners, our staff and sincerity of our entire team will always endeavour to ensure peace, privacy, comfort, and excellent service for all of our guests.

You are always welcome at the Šiaurės Vartai Hotel!